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Rocky Mountain Dachshunds

A Reputable Dog Breeder

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About Us

An Ethical Dog Breeder

We are a small in-home breeder in Delta, Colorado. We have pedigree Dachshunds to provide loving pets for homes. All our Sires and Dams have been genetically tested through Embark to insure quality breed and health. Our puppies are raised along side young children and cats. Additionally, all puppies have  their1st shot, deworming, and a vet check before leaving to their forever homes. We are a family that loves our mini Dachshunds and so we spread that love by provided quality, healthy Doxy puppies to other forever families.

Home: About Us

The Dachshund Personality

The Joys of Living with a Dachshund

  • Big dog disposition in a compacted long body

  • Intensely loyal — loving you on even your worst day

  • Great cuddles; under the covers and content with lounging all day

  • Super affectionate, will always want to be right by your side; in your arms or on your lap

  • Easy keepers, low-shedders, but don’t mess with my feet!

  • Great watch dogs; you’ll alwaysknow if something’s amiss;

  • Wears clothes well and always adorable;

  • Smart enough to fool you; THEY DO UNDERSTAND.

  • Will keep you active or help you relax;

  • Will stare into your eyes with absolute adoration;

  • Has a variety of energy levels for doing most everything;

  • Will be empathic when no one else knows or cares;

  • Will defend loved ones with their life;

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Sire & Dams

The Parents



Chocolate & Tan Piebald - Long Hair


Red Dapple Piebald- Short Hair



Chocolate & Tan- Short Hair


Shaded Cream - Long Hair



Shaded Cream - Long Hair

Embark TBA


ee Cream

Embark TBA


Cream Piebald- Long hair


Black & Tan Dapple - Long Hair



Shaded Cream - Long Hair


Red Brindle - Short Hair



Black & Tan - Short Hair

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Wait List

Our Policy

To secure a spot on my waitlist, I ask that families complete a conversation application process through email or FB messenger. (I just ask that you tell me a little about your family, home and lifestyle. Then I ask questions as they arise. As well as I'll need a few piece of information after that for my files: name, address, email, & phone.) Once I feel comfortable with you having one of my puppies, I then ask that families place a $200 deposit that counts towards the total. I collect deposits using the Square Business Point of Sale System; therefore, I email families an invoice to pay and there are several options of payment through the invoice. The order families get to chose their puppy is based off the order in which they placed their deposit. Deposits are none refundable usually; therefore, in the event of a family not having an available puppy of their liking to choose from, then they are moved to the top of the next litter's waiting list. Please contact us to find out which litters are coming up and the number of families on the waiting list.

Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or to tell us about an animal that you are hoping for. Simply email us and we will get back to you shorty.

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Puppy Deposit Contract

Puppy deposit, contract included. If you submit a payment for a deposit to hold a puppy within the issued invoice by the breeder: Brandi Mason, you agree to the contract below:

If puppy is found to be defective by my Veterinarian before pick up date, the deposit will be refunded in full, or choice of another pup if desired or available.

We guarantee this puppy to the best of our knowledge, to be healthy and received its first 1st rounds of vaccines and deworming. The breeder is not responsible for the death or loss of this puppy once it leaves our premises. This includes but is not limited to sickness, accidents, personal injury or theft. The breeder is not responsible for refunds due to human allergies, disability, illness or other related situations. The breeder is not responsible for refunds due to color change in coat, not bonding with the puppy or because the temperament is not what you expected. As the breeder, we try to the best of our ability to match each puppy to the likeness of its new owner.

The owner assumes all financial responsibility for the puppy including but not limited to vet expense, food, surgeries, boarding, grooming, etc. The owner assumes responsibility to continue quality healthcare for the puppy. This puppy will require monthly worming (orally) and a series of vaccinations. As an adult, you dog will need yearly boosters as directed by your veterinarian. You are highly encouraged to keep your puppy current with all necessary vet checks. I encourage you to microchip your new pup.

Dachshunds tend to react to Leptospira bacteria, and that added to the fact that no lepto vaccine covers all serovars of the disease means we do not ever recommend giving that vaccine. Do be aware of the symptoms of leptospirosis infection, though. If you choose to give this vaccine please be aware that your new puppy can have a reaction to this that can cause swelling of the face and body, hives, breathing problems and many more complications.We give the 5 in one vaccine that does not include the lepto. Please speak to your vet about this and make your personal decision from there.

Your dog should not be vaccinated just prior to or immediately following a surgical procedure, when it is not feeling well or being treated for an illness or at any time their immune system is challenged by other factors such as seasonal allergies, intense training or travel. Even slight diarrhea counts!!

Do not give multiple vaccines all at the same time – AT LEAST 2-4 weeks should pass before giving additional vaccines such as rabies.

Vaccination against rabies is required by Colorado state law. We prefer the initial vaccine be given sometime after six months of age. A three year booster vaccine is given one year later, then every three years after that.

If for any reason, you can no longer take care of the puppy throughout their life, you agree to bring the dog back to the breeder, with no refund of purchase price. You agree that the dog will never be relinquished to any other person, without the express consent of the above breeder in writing.

You have 7 days to take the puppy to a licensed vet for a complete physical. If for any reason the vet finds a genetic defect in the puppy that will cause certain premature death the breeder agrees to refund the purchase price upon the return of the puppy to the breeder, at the owner’s expense. A refund will only be given upon a written report from the vet responsible for performing the exam. The vet will need to provide the breeder with all test results and diagnosis in WRITING. This refund will only be given provided that the breeder’s vet of choice verifies the defect. Presence of parasites such as worms, giardia, or coccidian does not make a puppy defective. We attempt to send your puppy home parasite free by administering worming medications.

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